Expand My Business

‚ÄčExpanding your business helps you increase your customer base, extend your services, and grow your profits. This section will help you determine when and how to expand your business in West Virginia. With more than 90 percent of businesses in the Mountain State having fewer than 50 employees, small businesses are essential to West Virginia's economic vitality.


  • Customers - Identifying and reaching your target customer audience are critical to succeeding in business. Growing your customer base will also become important to reach continued business growth.

  • Locations - The old saying is true: "Location, location, location." Your business location will greatly impact the success of your business.

  • Financing - Sound financial management is likely to be the key to your business' success. Visit this section to learn about financing resources in the Mountain State. 
  • Finding and Training Employees - Your workforce will be one of your business' most important assets. When you're ready to expand, attracting and retaining a quality workforce will give your business a competitive edge and one of its highest returns on investment. 
  • Government Procurement - Looking to expand your business by selling your products and/or services through government contracts? This section provides resources to get you started on the path to government procurement. 
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