Licenses, Permits, and Renewals

Licenses and Permits

Visit the Occupational, Professional, and Special Licenses and Permits section to learn about the various types of licenses and permits required for your business type. Please note that most of these registrations require filing some type of annual renewal, or reissuance, after the initial license and/or permit has been issued for the business. 

WV Secretary of State - File Annual Report OnlineSecretary of State Annual Report

Rather than filing a registration renewal, businesses registered through Secretary of State are required to file an Annual Report between January 1 and July 1 each calendar year after the initial business registration to maintain compliance with that office. The report provides administrative office information updates including officers/directors, addresses, business contact information, and other miscellaneous business information. The report does not include financial information reporting.

WV State Tax Department LogoState Tax Department Filing Due Dates

The State Tax Department issues permanent business registration licenses. However, each business is required to complete tax filings by specific due dates determined by the State Tax Calendar for specific filing submissions. View the information below to learn more about State Tax Department filing requirements and filing due dates.


  • Guidance and Publications - This link provides guidelines and publications related to the specific tax types for your business, such as,
    • Pass Through Entity,
    • Sales and Use Tax, and
    • Withholding.
  • State Tax Calendar - It's important to know the tax calendar due dates associated with the filing frequency assigned by the West Virginia State Tax Department. This way you'll be prepared and can plan accordingly.

WV Division of Labor LogoDivision of Labor Online Renewal Payments

The Division of Labor offers online payments using a credit card to make the renewal process fast and efficient for our business customers. This service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Select a link below to begin the online credit card payment process.
For more information on any of the online renewal payments above, visit the Division of Labor website or call (304) 558-7890.

WorkForce West VirginiaWorkForce West Virginia

State law mandates employers must comply with the Unemployment Compensation provisions before other government agencies can issue or renew most licenses or permits. Examples include contractors licenses, business registration certificates, liquor and lottery retail sales licenses, and timbering permits.

To receive a certificate of good standing, you must be registered with Unemployment Compensation and your account must be in good standing. All reports previously due must have been filed, and ALL monies due based on those reports, including any interest and/or penalties assessed for paying the taxes late, must have been paid. To receive a Compliance Letter, contact the Compliance and Enforcement Unit by calling (304) 
5582451 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., or by emailing

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