Annual Reporting

​​File Secretary of State Annual Report OnlineBusinesses, both for profit and non-profit, registered with the Secretary of State are required to file each year an annual report. Insurance companies file an attorney-in-fact report. The report and $25 filing fee must be filed and paid between January 1 and June 30 of each year following the calendar year in which the business was registered. See West Virginia Code 59-1-a. Visit the Secretary of State Annual Reports web page for more information. The report may be filed and paid securely online through the One Stop Business Portal

Download the Annual Report Filing Instructions to review and/or print a hard copy for your convenience.

Note: The annual report fee is waived for veteran-owned registered entities for the first four (4) years after the initial business formation. Although the fee is waived, the annual report must still be filed. Failure to file may result in monetary penalties and possible administrative dissolution of the business. 

Annual reports are important to keep the company record updated. Notification of the filing requirement will be sent, but the company is responsible for filing the annual report as required by West Virginia Code. Failure to file by the June 30​​​​​ deadline may result in monetary penalties and possible administrative dissolution of the business by Secretary of State. 

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